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Great success for Nefertine on Rai Yoyo and Rai Play

2021-07-28T08:57:03+00:00June 21st, 2021|Last articles|

Great success for Nefertine on Rai Yoyo and Rai Play

Excellent audience results for the new animated series Nefertine on the Nile, whose first 26 episodes are available from April 17 on Rai Play and broadcast from May 10 every day on Rai Yoyo. The title is in fact among the most viewed contents of the streaming platform, positioning itself in the Top 20 of products for children in a few weeks. The series is also registering excellent share ratios on Rai Yoyo, placing the property among the best performing of the channel.

On the basis of this success, Rai Yoyo has decided to reinforce the programming and on 5, 6 and 7 July has planned to put 6 new episodes on air with a special appointment of two daily episodes starting at 8:15 am.

Watch the first 26 episodes on Rai Play

Happy Birthday Pippi!

2021-07-28T08:58:03+00:00May 17th, 2021|Last articles|

Happy Birthday Pippi!

May 21 is the birthday of Pippi Longstocking, the strongest girl in the world, who first appeared in 1945 in a novel by the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren.

On the occasion of this important date, the Astrid Lindgren Company and Save the Children invite to support Pippi of Today, the campaign born in January 2020 from their collaboration to help girls fleeing wars and poverty.

Astrid Lindgren created the extraordinary character of Pippi Longstocking immediately after the end of the Second World War, in a dramatic context with millions of migrants forced to leave their homes and move to new cities and new countries. Today there are more displaced people than ever and half of them are children. Girls represent the most vulnerable group. They must muster all their strength and courage to face difficult challenges and find the way to a better future. Pippi is a role model that inspires them to have hope.

Launched early last year, the global Pippi of Today campaign saw the participation of over 50 partners from around the world. In Italy, ETS Licensing promotes the initiative in collaboration with national partners, including Salani, Multprint and ottod’Ame.

Despite the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the campaign has achieved important results. In 2020, approximately 1.1 million euros were raised and the goal is to reach 2.5 million by December 2021, when the campaign will end.

Through the resources obtained so far, Save the Children has been able to support thousands of migrant girls by activating important support initiatives.
In the refugee camps of Za’atari and Azraq in Jordan, nearly 2,000 girls have had access to psychosocial support and been included in structured play and learning activities. In Tanzania, the Pippi of Today funds are promoting a child protection program in three host communities in the Kigoma region. In Ukraine, Save the Children runs a project for displaced children with disabilities to guarantee them better access to education. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, one of the main transit countries on the Balkan migration route to Europe, the goal is to guarantee support and protection for girls in two temporary shelters. In the Netherlands, the Pippi of Today funds allow displaced children to participate in support programs where they learn to manage difficult emotions through play and sport.

So let’s join in the celebrations for Pippi’s birthday and support Save the Children’s initiatives to help girls on the move by purchasing the exclusive bracelet or another personalized product on the relative section of the Pippi of Today website.

To know how the funds raised were used read the Report.
More info on the Pippi of Today Campaign on the dedicated website

Pera Toons supports the recycling of aluminum

2021-07-28T08:58:43+00:00May 16th, 2021|Last articles|

Pera Toons supports the recycling of aluminum

The original humor of Pera Toons’ jokes was chosen by CiAL – National Consortium of Aluminum Packaging – for a social awareness campaign on aluminum recycling.

The collaboration involves the publication on YouTube and on the social channels of the Consortium of 8 posts, based on the format of the “animated comic”. The first post – Aluminum recycling in 1 minute. Short Guide by Pera Toons – was shared on Earth Day on April 22nd. The subsequent contents will be published within 8 months and dedicated to the recycling of each specific aluminum packaging (beverage cans, aluminum trays, food cans, tubes, aluminum foil, caps and lids, spray cans).

CiAL has chosen Pera Toons as testimonial of the awareness campaign for its growing popularity on social networks, in particular towards the very young public, and for its original language that allows you to draw attention to an important issue such as recycling aluminum, in a light, but at the same time persuasive and effective way, through the irony, freshness and immediacy of animated comics.

The collaboration with CIAL is part of a phase of rapid expansion and new projects for Pera Toons: in addition to the constant growth in popularity on social networks, where he has built a community with 3 million followers in continuous growth, he is also achieving great successes in the field of ‘publishing. His latest book entitled “Ridi che è meglio” is firmly at the top of the sales charts, with over 35,000 copies sold and 7 reprints in a few months.

The licensing program has also started: the first licensing agreement has just been signed with BIEMBI for a line of stationery and gadget products that will be on the market starting from September and other negotiations are underway.

Watch the short guide by Pera Toons on aluminum recycling


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