News from Chefclub Publishing for France, Italy and Germany

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News from Chefclub Publishing for France, Italy and Germany

Chefclub has announced three new publishing deals that will inspire young chefs across Europe in 2022: in France, Chefclub launched its brand new “Super Veggies” illustrated kids cookbook; in Germany, Panini Verlags GmbH is launching a one-off, standalone Chefclub Kids magazine; and in Italy, Vallardi Editore is publishing a family cookbook.

“Super Veggies” is Chefclub’s brand new cookbook concept designed to help young chefs discover and love vegetables by casting them as superheroes. Much easier to digest than a nutrition lecture, the 25-recipe book illustrates seasonal vegetables in action with their secret weapons: vitamins to become invisible to viruses, calcium for indestructible teeth, potassium to mash-potato anything!

Marie-Laure Marchand, SVP Global Consumer Products & Business Development, Chefclub, commented: “Being a content-driven company, publishing represents one of our core pillars for building a long-lasting brand. We have internally developed more than 25 titles for a family and kids audience, and have sold over 700,000 units so far. We are very happy to partner with renowned partners such as Panini and Vallardi and look forward to encountering the same success in Germany and Italy.”

In Germany, leading publisher Panini is launching a one-off Chefclub Kids magazine as a special edition of the well-established lifestyle magazine LandKind.  An initial run of 55,000 copies was launched in kiosks starting this spring. In the 60-page magazine, the Chefclub Friends, wacky and loveable characters, entertain young cooks with lots of fun activities and games that allow them to discover ten Chefclub Kids’ recipes. With 100 million monthly views, Chefclub is an extremely strong brand in Germany, where it won the 2021 Digital Licensing International Award for Best Digital Brand.

And finally, this September Italian publisher Vallardi Editore will launch “Cucina da Leccarsi i Baffi” (“Mouthwatering Cuisine”), a richly illustrated book with 100 recipes, including appetizers, main courses and desserts, all based on the popular video-recipes conceived, produced and distributed by Chefclub on social media.

Marcella Meciani, Editorial Director of Vallardi Editore, said: “​We are very happy to collaborate with Chefclub, a dynamic, original and innovative company, to bring cooking enjoyment to every Italian family. The book will feature Chefclub’s most popular video recipes which are ideal for kids, parents and grandparents to cook together. The simple recipes create impressive, mouth-watering food, illustrated by nearly 1000 photos in a colorful and beautifully designed cookbook.”

The publishing agreements follow a number of strategic moves by Chefclub into streaming, FAST and linear platforms: in April it partnered with Pluto TV in the US, Latin America, Spain and UK to stream 100 hours of eatertainment content in both English and Spanish; in December 2021 it launched a standalone FAST channel in France and Switzerland with Samsung TV; and a first animated series starring the popular Chefclub Kids animated mascots is in development.  Since its launch in 2016 Chefclub has become the No. 1 cooking brand in the world on social media, winning three Licensing International Awards for Best Digital Brand in France (2021, 2019) and Germany (2021).

Great interest for the exhibition “Pippi at Pitti”

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Great interest for the exhibition “Pippi at Pitti”

During the 3 days of Pitti Immagine Bimbo 95, that has just ended, the special exhibition area “Pippi at Pitti” has araised great interest, confirming the irresistible charm of the intrepid child with carrot-colored braids.

The exhibition dedicated to the rebel heroine born from the pen of Astrid Lindgren, with iconic objects, vintage pieces, illustrated plates, collectibles and some garments made by Ilustrabimbi in organic cotton, has seen in particular much attention from journalists, influencers and socialties.

Among the contents that have been published about the installation “Pippi a Pitti” there is also the interview of TG Regione Toscana to Tiziana Barbuto.

In the coming weeks, some exclusive services dedicated to the timeless Pippi Longstocking will also be published on prestigious lifestyle magazines.

For Cry Babies Magic Tears the Summer at Aquafan and a Tour until November

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For Cry Babies Magic Tears the Summer at Aquafan and a Tour until November

For Cry Babies Magic Tears 2022 is a year full of events throughout Italy to meet children, from Aquafan, to city squares, up to shopping centers.

An intense program of events designed to make live a direct and memorable experience with the brand, which is part of a comprehensive marketing plan and confirms the strong commitment of IMC Toys to support the brand with large investments.

The tender babies with magic tears are among the protagonists of the Super! House&Kitoons tour, which sees the partnership between Kitoons, and SUPER! , ( channel 47 of the DTT and Tivusat and 625 of Sky).

Twenty stages around Italy, full of animation, games, music and dances, with the participation of the faces of “SUPER HOUSE”, the popular editorial format produced by House of Talent, and a Kitoons area dedicated to children.

The stages, all free participation, are told on the official page of the Tour.

These are the next appointments:
25, 26 June Misano Adriatico Parco del Sole
2, 3 July Viareggio Piazza Pea
9, 10 July Cattolica Piazza I Maggio
16, 17 July Senigallia Piazza Roma
10, 11 September Venice Porte di Mestre
17, 18 September Lugagnano di Sona – VR The Big Apple
24, 25 September Peschiera Borromeo – MI Galleria Borromea
1, 2 October Naples Doors of Naples
8, 9 October Busnago – MB Globo
15, 16 October Antegnate – BG Antegnate Gran Shopping
22, 23 October Genoa Fiumara
29, 30 October Grosseto Maremà
5, 6 November Palermo Poseidon
12, 13 November Rome Maximo
19, 20 November Teramo Gran Sasso

In addition, from 20 July to 30 August, Cry Babies Magic Tears and the other characters of Kitoons world, will have a dedicated area at Aquafan in Riccione, to entertain young guests with workshops, shows, games and many fun activities.

For the Kitoons area of Aquafan were also involved licensee partners, who will give visibility to the Cry Babies Magic Tears products of their assortment, making them available as prizes for the game moments.

The licensee companies will also have the opportunity to participate in the next stages of the tour: who wants to deepen this option please contact us at:

Pitti Bimbo 95 celebrates Pippi Longstocking

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Pitti Bimbo 95 celebrates Pippi Longstocking

The prestigious fair dedicated to kidswear, scheduled in Florence from 22 to 24 June, will have a special exhibition area dedicated to Pippi Longstocking, to celebrate the rebel heroine icon of freedom, unconventionality and empowerment, which has inspired generations of children and continues to exert an irresistible charm.

The space, entitled ” Pippi at Pitti”,  will be set up at the Cavaniglia Pavilion with iconic objects, rare first editions, tables with replicas of original illustrations and memorabilia to tell, through a novel narrative path, the authentic soul of the strongest girl, independent and unconventional children’s literature.

The girl with the carrot-colored braids and the freckle-sprinkled face, born in 1945 from the pen of the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, continues to exercise a strong charisma and encourages girls, but also boys, from all over the world, to be free and bold, have self-confidence and reason with your own head.

Pippi’s strength, optimism and courage also inspired the “Pippi of Today” campaign launched in 2020 by The Astrid Lindgren Company in partnership with Save the Children to help girls fleeing war and poverty. The initiative, which continues into 2022, sees the participation of more than 60 partners from oll over the world and has so far raised almost 2 million euros in support of girls on the move.

Pippi is not only the extraordinary and unforgettable protagonist of one of the most famous novels of children’s literature, but has the right cards to confirm even today a prominent presence in the universe of youngest people.

This is also witnessed by the numerous partnerships with leading brands, which give rise to continuous collaborations for the development of products in the most diverse sectors, from publishing to fashion and design, from toys to accessories, to consumer products, music and digital content.

At Pitti Immagine Bimbo 95 will also be exposed some refined garments made by ILLUSTRABIMBI, who interprets Pippi through the original designs of Ingrid Vang Nyman: blouses, dresses, placemats, covers and accessories, made with eco-friendly fabrics and organic cotton.

Oggy Oggy is ready to land on TV and in the market

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Oggy Oggy is ready to land on TV and in the market

Oggy Oggy, the cute protagonist of the new preschool animated series produced by Xilam, available on Netflix from August 2021,  is now ready for the launch in style that will take place in the fall, with the arrival on free-to-air tv channels and in the market.

The adventures of the curious and daring blue kitten, who lives in a colorful world populated by other cute felines,  will be on air after the summer on the kids channels of the main television stations in Europe – including F5 in France and Super-RTL in Germany. In Italy will be broadcast on Frisbee (DTT 44) which will promote the arrival of the new series with several initiatives, including video teaser, special premiere and live events with the presence of the mascot. Discovery is also defining special partnership agreements with theme parks.

Oggy Oggy series is made of CGI with bright colors and graphics of the highest level, which can achieve a surprising effect of three-dimensionality, giving “tactile” suggestions.

In the episodes the protagonists do not express themselves with a verbal language but through facial expressions, mimics and sounds, and are accompanied by a voice-over. From the results of a research conducted by Xilam, it emerged that the presence of voice over allows children to feel more involved, makes the stories more fun, educational and easy to understand and also enhances the appreciation by parents.

For Oggy Oggy is also imminent the market launch of the toy collection of Simba, the Master Toy with which Xilam has formed a partnership at a global level. From October on the shelves will arrive the items of the Christmas collection, which will be followed by new launches in 2023, already from the first months of the year.

The arrival of Oggy Oggy toys will be supported by a major advertising campaign, developed both online and offline. Among the support activities is also planned the publication of a series of Toy Play videos in the weeks before Christmas.

In the meantime, an intensive communication and promotion programme has been launched since early 2022, in order to increase the brand awareness of the property and synergistically enhance the important developments of the autumn.

Among the main initiatives, the launch of a dedicated YouTube channel, the creation of a web platform full of interactive content, activities, games to download and advice for parents,  the creation of 30 special video clips with exclusive content, with the release of a new video a week, from January to September, promotional activities in partnership with the YouTube channel Netflix Junior and YouTube Kids, advertising campaigns True-View on YouTube, direct marketing activities towards a large database of contacts in target.   Soon the program will be integrated with influencer campaigns, PR and digital advertising activities, in-store and local events.

The animated series Cry Babies Magic Tears arrives on Netflix

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The animated series Cry Babies Magic Tears arrives on Netflix

Starting April 18, the fans of the animated series Cry Babies Magic Tears will have even more options to follow the adventures of their favorite characters, thanks to a global deal signed by IMC Toys with Netflix, the world’s leading platform in streaming entertainment services. The agreement will ensure the vision of the popular animated series in 24 languages, in over 190 countries where the platform is available, and will include the airing of 400 minutes of content, which this year will be released in two seasons: the first starting from April 18 and the second in autumn.

The animated series Cry Babies Magic Tears debuted in the North American market in 2018, on the IMC Toys youtube channel – Kitoons – following the launch of the Cry Babies dolls. The animated series was followed in 2019 by the release of Cry Babies Magic Tears, the line of collectible dolls, smaller than the Cry Babies.

“IMC Toys couldn’t be more proud to be part of the Netflix offering. Our goal is to provide our consumers with the best possible experience, and this Netflix premiere gives our fans even more access to the content they love.” said Raquel Roca, Communication Manager at IMC Toys. “IMC Toys is a global brand, and Netflix is the perfect platform for children around the world to enjoy our wonderful series and share the message of positivity that it brings.” concluded Roca.

The Cry Babies Magic Tears are small and cute dolls, each with a distinct personality. They live in an imaginary world where tears are magical and have special powers to overcome challenging situations. Each episode of the series, aimed at a primary target of children from three to six years, is designed to propose positive values of solidarity and friendship, in a stimulating and engaging way.

The new series Oggy and the Cockroaches Next Generation is coming

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The new series Oggy and the Cockroaches Next Generation is coming

The popular animated series Oggy and the Cockroaches produced by the French studio Xilam is proposed to fans with a refreshed graphics, new content and a completely new version of the cute blue cat.
The new series – Oggy and the Cockroaches Next Generation – will be on air on K2 from May 2, Monday through Friday at 7:30.

In this revamped version of the iconic Oggy and the Cockroaches series, Oggy hosts Piya for the holidays, a 7-year-old elephant, daughter of a couple of Indian friends. Sensitive, carefree and full of energy, the young pachyderm completely revolutionizes the daily routine of the lazy blue cat, who must learn to be a parent, while cockroaches exploit the presence of Piya to ruin his life.

With a modern design and a focus on emotions, tenderness and friendship, the new series “Oggy and the Cursed Cockroaches – Next Generation” (78 x 7 ) represents the evolution of the original classic series “Oggy and the Cursed Cockroaches”, which for 20 years collects great international success and includes seven seasons and over 500 episodes.

The expansion strategy that Xilam wanted to give to its flagship property Oggy and the Cockroaches, through the launch of Oggy Next Generation and the preschool series Oggy Oggy, aims to expand the audience of fans and increase the strength of the brand, also encompassing a robust international licensing and merchandising program, to offer a 360-degree Oggy universe, incorporating a large number of product categories and activations.

Nefertina is back in the bookstores with new adventures

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Nefertina is back in the bookstores with new adventures

On April 19, new exciting adventures arrive in the bookstore with the brave Nefertina struggling with the mysteries of Ancient Egypt.
Published by DeAgostini these are two books with exciting stories, and two books with games, coloring, stickers and many stimulating activities.
Nefertina is the intrepid protagonist of the animated series “Nefertina on the Nile” produced by Graphilm Entertainment with Waooh! and Cyber Group Studios in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi.
The episodes of the series combine fun, adventure and a taste of historical information, telling stories based on solid values such as the stones of the pyramids: friendship, loyalty, a sense of justice and a desire to learn.
Nefertina is the 8-year-old daughter of the scribe of Pharaoh, who can read and write and aspires to become the first scribe-reporter in the history of Egypt.
Together with his trusted friend Piramses, and accompanied by the cat Micerina, he lives fantastic adventures in the shadow of the pyramids between investigations, small fears and great discoveries.

Pera Toons’ books become incredibly popular while Italian comics market increases

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Pera Toons’ books become incredibly popular while Italian comics market increases

With over 50,000 copies sold in less than 2 months for – Sfida all’Ultima Battuta –  and 70,000 copies for – Ridi che è meglio! – Pera Toons also confirmed as an editorial phenomenon as well as an undisputed star of the web.

These record successes are part of a general trend that sees a strong growth in the reading of comics in Italy. According to a study conducted by Associazione Italiana Editori (AIE) in collaboration with Lucca Comics & Games, ALDUS UP and Eudicomin, there are in fact almost 9 million comic readers in Italy.

The results of the research show that the reading of comics is widespread in all age groups, with a prevalence in those young: readers of comics from 14 years old and up are 8.7 million, or 18% of the population and 35% of the total audience of readers.

The search – explains Emanuele Di Giorgi,  head of the commission Comics and Graphic Novels of AIE – shows as the reading of comics is diffused in all the age groups, above all those youths, and as the readers of comics are also strong readers of other genres, thus denying the commonplace that sees comics as a world separated from the rest of the editorial landscape, the culture considered “high level”».

According to the AIE research, comics are read more by men (21%) than by women (14%) and in terms of age groups reading is very transversal with a significant presence up to the under-55. Those who read comics, moreover, in 83% of cases also read fiction, non-fiction and other genres (against a national average of 52%), read e-books (48% against an average of 23%), listen to audiobooks (27% vs 11%).

Emanuele Vietina, General Manager of Lucca Crea, said “The research commissioned by AIE confirms the observatory of Lucca Comics&Games: the enthusiast of graphic novels is an active and conscious cultural consumer, distributed over all age groups. Knowing it means understanding the reasons why comics, today, is one of the main languages of contemporaneity”.

Data compared to other research in the past also show a remarkable growth: comic readers were 3.96 million in 1996 and 7.28 in 2019.

The study also shows a powerful growth of comics that in 2021 is the genre most purchased by Italians in 2021 in terms of number of copies and the one that records in percentage the largest increase compared to 2020 at volume:+ 134% (Source: AIE Studies Office elaboration on Nielsen BookScan data).

Also strong of this data, Pera Toons confirms itself as a Property with great potential, which through the irony of its original comic book jokes can intercept a very wide and transversal consumer target. In addition to the successes in the publishing field, the property is activating interesting collaborations for projects in the licensing field, where negotiations for new agreements are underway. The partnership with Biembi for the creation of gift items and accessories distributed in selected stores of stationery and gadgets continues with flattering results and two new collections are planned for 2022: Summer and Christmas.

La canzone di Carletto

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La canzone di Carletto

Cristina D’Avena, legendary interpreter of the most famous themes of cartoons, and Carletto, the most curious chameleon of the universe, icon of fun branded Findus, sing together in a cheerful and surprising song – “La Canzone di Carletto”- that is on air on Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube from Sunday, March 20.

And after the adventure with music, new stimulating experiences await Carletto also in the world of licensing thanks to the partnership agreement that ETS has signed with Findus for the management of licensing rights of the irreverent chameleon. With his original personality, good mood and sociability, Carletto is proposed as an original character able to successfully transfer these values in all product categories where they are rewarding.

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