Read, sing and dance with Gallina Puntolina

On 28th April a new Pon Pon edizioni publishing project dedicated to the tender blue hen comes out in bookstores. “Leggi! Canta! Balla con Gallina Puntolina” is developed in the name of music and is inspired by the cheerful songs that have made Gallina Puntolina a disruptive phenomenon on the web.

The project includes 2 hardcover booklets, a coloring book and a magic album with a color-revealing marker.
The books, with a practical square format much appreciated by children, are dedicated to two popular songs from Gallina Puntolina’s repertoire and thanks to a special QR code they allow you to listen to the audio versions and watch animated music clips, stimulating interaction with illustrations, visual and musical stimuli, and motor coordination.
A fascinating world of cheerful nursery rhymes that becomes a wonderful game to get together and discover new things.