News for Lucky Luke

Un cow-boy dans le coton (“a cowboy in cotton”) is the title of the new Lucky Luke comic book published in France on October 23rd by Dargaud’s Lucky Comics label, out in English version on November 19th with the publication of Cinebook the 9th Art and soon coming to Italy too, published by Nona Arte with the title Inferno di Cotone..

The new unpublished story – drawn by Achdé and scripted by Jul – is set in the southern United States, between black slaves working on cotton plantations and the Ku Klux Klan. Thanks to the legacy of a rich widow who admired his deeds, Lucky Luke inherits a huge cotton plantation in Louisiana. Welcomed by the white owners of the area as one of their own, he will have to fight hard to redistribute his legacy to the black farmers. In this fight against the powerful of the region and racial segregation, Lucky Luke will be alone against everyone … but thanks to the help of an extraordinary figure from the Wild West he will be able to restore justice: a hero named Bass Reeves, a character who really existed who made history and the first black man to fill the role of federal sheriff west of Mississippi.