Cooking masterclasses and challenges for the Chefclub community

Among the new ideas that Chefclub continuously proposes to involve and excite its community there are the online cooking workshops.

Every week the friends of Chefclub are invited to participate in a free masterclass to follow step by step the preparation of a delicious and surprising recipe, with the use of a few simple ingredients.

In Italy, the Chefclub Laboratories started about a month ago and are already enjoying great success. At the moment they are dedicated to children, but sessions for adults will also arrive soon.

There is another event that creates effervescence in the community and increases engagement and participation. These are the cooking challenges, which every month offer fans to create a recipe from the Chefclub repertoire, posting the photo of the final result on the Chefclub app. The posts that get more likes receive a special Chefclub award for free.