The new series Oggy and the Cockroaches Next Generation is coming

The popular animated series Oggy and the Cockroaches produced by the French studio Xilam is proposed to fans with a refreshed graphics, new content and a completely new version of the cute blue cat.
The new series – Oggy and the Cockroaches Next Generation – will be on air on K2 from May 2, Monday through Friday at 7:30.

In this revamped version of the iconic Oggy and the Cockroaches series, Oggy hosts Piya for the holidays, a 7-year-old elephant, daughter of a couple of Indian friends. Sensitive, carefree and full of energy, the young pachyderm completely revolutionizes the daily routine of the lazy blue cat, who must learn to be a parent, while cockroaches exploit the presence of Piya to ruin his life.

With a modern design and a focus on emotions, tenderness and friendship, the new series “Oggy and the Cursed Cockroaches – Next Generation” (78 x 7 ) represents the evolution of the original classic series “Oggy and the Cursed Cockroaches”, which for 20 years collects great international success and includes seven seasons and over 500 episodes.

The expansion strategy that Xilam wanted to give to its flagship property Oggy and the Cockroaches, through the launch of Oggy Next Generation and the preschool series Oggy Oggy, aims to expand the audience of fans and increase the strength of the brand, also encompassing a robust international licensing and merchandising program, to offer a 360-degree Oggy universe, incorporating a large number of product categories and activations.