The animated series Cry Babies Magic Tears arrives on Netflix

Starting April 18, the fans of the animated series Cry Babies Magic Tears will have even more options to follow the adventures of their favorite characters, thanks to a global deal signed by IMC Toys with Netflix, the world’s leading platform in streaming entertainment services. The agreement will ensure the vision of the popular animated series in 24 languages, in over 190 countries where the platform is available, and will include the airing of 400 minutes of content, which this year will be released in two seasons: the first starting from April 18 and the second in autumn.

The animated series Cry Babies Magic Tears debuted in the North American market in 2018, on the IMC Toys youtube channel – Kitoons – following the launch of the Cry Babies dolls. The animated series was followed in 2019 by the release of Cry Babies Magic Tears, the line of collectible dolls, smaller than the Cry Babies.

“IMC Toys couldn’t be more proud to be part of the Netflix offering. Our goal is to provide our consumers with the best possible experience, and this Netflix premiere gives our fans even more access to the content they love.” said Raquel Roca, Communication Manager at IMC Toys. “IMC Toys is a global brand, and Netflix is the perfect platform for children around the world to enjoy our wonderful series and share the message of positivity that it brings.” concluded Roca.

The Cry Babies Magic Tears are small and cute dolls, each with a distinct personality. They live in an imaginary world where tears are magical and have special powers to overcome challenging situations. Each episode of the series, aimed at a primary target of children from three to six years, is designed to propose positive values of solidarity and friendship, in a stimulating and engaging way.