Cry Babies Magic Tears and Oggy Oggy: the new preschool hits of ETS Licensing

At Milano Licensing Day 2021, ETS announced two important partnership agreements including in its portfolio the new pre-schooling licenses – Cry Babies Magic Tears and Oggy Oggy -.

These are properties with a clear and distinctive positioning, strong brand vales and personalities, consistent investment plans in communication and promotion, both supported by a solid Master Toy.

The Pre-school animated series Cry Babies Magic Tears was launched in 2018 by IMC Toys, a Spanish  company leader in toy industry, at the same time as the launch of the collectible’s homonymous dolls, mini version of the popular cry babies, dolls with real tears and record breaking sales around the world.

The episodes of Cry Babies Magic Tears turn to a primary target of girls from 3 to 6 years and talk about friendship, loyalty and importance of expressing the emotions. The protagonists of the stories are little friends who live in a colorful world surrounded by nature, wearing funny personalized pajamines and live in the company of their pets in bottle-shaped houses.

Each episode condensates in just 3 minutes metaphors of daily life that transfer to children the values ​​of friendship, altruism, mutual support and teamwork, accompanying them in the path of personal and relational growth.

The animated series has landed on Italian TV at the end of 2018 on Frisbee, 44 of the DDT, and has since continuously transmitted from the canal. In addition to Italy, it is present on the main Kids TV channels of Spain, Great Britain, France, Germany and Portugal, and wherever it is placed in the top ten of the most viewd content.

It has 4 seasons, for a total of over 80 episodes, and the 5th season arriving in 2022.

The episodes of the series are also available on Amazon Prime, and on the dedicated Youtube channel – Kitoons-, which was opened by IMC Toys in 2019 and today is available in 19 languages ​​with more than 6.4 million subscribers and 4 Billions of views. The numbers for Italy are also important, where the Kitoons channel has 281 thousand subscribers, more than 200 million views, over 15.5 million hours of visualization and 2.4 million unique users.

The series is also very popular on social networks with more than 54 thousand followers on Instagram, 135 thousand followers on Tiktok and a dedicated app, which achieved nearly 4 million downloads in less than a year.

In support of Property there is a very rich marketing plan, which sees large and continuous growth investments and is articulated at 360 °.

Another important new entry in ETS portfolio is Oggy Oggy, the new preschool spin-off of Xilam’s franchise Oggy and the Cockroaches.

The series sees as the protagonist a very young Oggy, tender, curious and daring, always eager to live new experiences and help a friend in difficulty. At first sight he appears clumsy and naive, but the indomitable tenacity and the wonderful ingenuity allow him to solve every situation.

The new series, which includes 2 seasons with a total of 156 episodes for 7 minutes, debuted in August on Netflix, and in 2022 will arrive on free to air Television channels, including Frisbee in Italy, France-TV in France, Milk Shake! In Great Britain and Super RTL in Germany.

Simba Toys is the Master Toy License, which will manage an important launch plan starting from autumn 2022. To support the new I.P. There are also significant marketing and communication investments, both in digital and traditional area.