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The magic of Floopaloo in the ETS portfolio

2021-07-16T15:15:09+00:00January 22nd, 2021|Last articles|

The magic of Floopaloo in the ETS portfolio

ETS Licensing, in partnership with Discovery, will manage the licensing rights of Floopaloo, the animated series for children with a primary target of 4-8 years, which is enjoying great and growing popularity.

Produced by the French studio Xilam, the series tells the adventures of Lisa and Matt, two cousins aged 9 and a half and 9 respectively, who spend the summer in an incredible summer camp, immersed in a forest full of fantastic secrets. The forest is guarded by a magical and mysterious creature named Floopaloo, who is tasked with protecting Mother Nature and never lets anyone see him. Away from the gaze of adults, Lisa and Matt venture curiously with their friends in search of this mischievous creature and experience countless adventures.

Floopaloo has 2 seasons with a total of 104 episodes of 13 minutes and is broadcast exclusively on Frisbee (channel 44 of the DDT) since the beginning of 2020 with record audience and satisfaction results: 8% share on the 4-7 year target and 6.5% on the 4-10 year target, 4.119 million reach on the 4-10 year target, average viewing time 60.6% on the 4-10 year target.
Following these important results Frisbee has reinforced the presence of the cartoon by defining a very intense daily schedule. In fact, the series airs on Frisbee every day of the week with 3 time slots: every morning, from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 14:30 and on the weekend from 8:30 to 11. In the afternoon from 15:30 to 17 : 00. In the evening from 9pm to 10pm on Mondays, from 8.30pm to 10pm from Tuesday to Friday and at the weekend from 8pm to 10pm.

The new season of Penny on M.A.R.S. is coming on Rai Gulp

2021-07-16T15:14:21+00:00December 1st, 2020|Last articles|

The new season of Penny on M.A.R.S. is coming on Rai Gulp

Great news for fans of the live series, where friendship, talent, dreams and secrets live to the beat of the music. From December 14th, the brand new episodes of the third season of Penny On M.A.R.S., the series co-produced by 3Zero2 and the Walt Disney Company in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi and directed by Claudio Norza, will be broadcast every day in prime time at 20:20 on Rai Gulp.

In the unpublished episodes of the third season Penny faces a new school year putting a strain on her certainties in love and friendship and decides to put the needs of others before her own. Help her mother get back on her feet after a hard shock, encourage her friend Vicky to unleash her talent as a dancer and get involved at the M.A.R.S. without giving too much importance to an aesthetic problem and to transform from a duckling into a swan. The deep friendship with Vicky will also lead Penny to risk the triumph of talent and to sacrifice her personal success to the school essay, aware that the victory goes beyond trophies and competition.

Cooking masterclasses and challenges for the Chefclub community

2021-07-16T14:43:54+00:00November 10th, 2020|Last articles|

Cooking masterclasses and challenges for the Chefclub community

Among the new ideas that Chefclub continuously proposes to involve and excite its community there are the online cooking workshops.

Every week the friends of Chefclub are invited to participate in a free masterclass to follow step by step the preparation of a delicious and surprising recipe, with the use of a few simple ingredients.

In Italy, the Chefclub Laboratories started about a month ago and are already enjoying great success. At the moment they are dedicated to children, but sessions for adults will also arrive soon.

There is another event that creates effervescence in the community and increases engagement and participation. These are the cooking challenges, which every month offer fans to create a recipe from the Chefclub repertoire, posting the photo of the final result on the Chefclub app. The posts that get more likes receive a special Chefclub award for free.

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