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GameBud Talking Tom: a revolution in the toy world

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GameBud Talking Tom: a revolution in the toy world

Gamebud Talking Tom, is the first “animatronic toy” in the world, created by HUGE! Play in partnership with Outfit7 and Epic Story Media. Presented in preview last summer at Virtual Licensing Expo 2021, it immediately attracted attention to its extraordinary features. This new revolutionary product, in fact, is the first “Animatronic Toy” in the world, which blends gaming, interactive devices and play in a single product.

Game becomes a next-level experience
Gamebud Talking Tom is the most disruptive gaming device appeared on the market in recent years. This revolutionary “Animatronic” toy is able to connect to live mode to the popular mobile outfit games and gives life to Talking Tom character making it a game partner ever seen before.

GameBud Talking Tom uses an extremely sophisticated software of artificial intelligence and is equipped with an app that transforms it into an autonomous interactive character, able to support conversations and perform various actions. The GameBud Talking Tom app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and connects with Talking Tom’s online games, allowing users to interact with the toy, both in online and offline mode.

Kevin Mowrer, Co-CEO of HUGE! Play said: “GameBud Talking Tom offers a next-level experience for fans. He’s both your gaming buddy and like a real-life streamer. Picture Talking Tom at your side as you play his games…giving hints to better your game play, all while joking and teasing you in the most loveable way! This dynamic product was built for maximum fun, with a powerful software engine that delivers over 5 hours of unique content and three play modes, including: Game-Connected (Online), Free Play, and Command Mode (Offline).”

Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7 said: “From gaming to licensing, our products connect online and offline experiences and bring joy to millions around the world. We are guided by innovation and creativity in everything we do, and the GameBud Talking Tom continues this pioneering mission. It offers a brand new, real-world experience with the character and the games fans love.”

Gamebud Talking Tom soon also in Italy
Gamebud Talking Tom From October 4th is available in pre-order in North America on Gamebud.com marketplace and will be sent to fans for Christmas holidays 2021.

In the coming months the product will expand its distribution channels. As for our country, Ets Licensing, Talking Tom & Friends agent on the Italian territory, is working with the Huge Play! partner in Europe for the presentation of GameBud at the Nuremberg fair and for the launch of the product in spring 2022.

Talking Tom and Friends: a 360-degree brand
The Property Talking Tom & Friends of Outfit7 has evolved in just over 10 years from a mobile games phenomenon into a brand with extensive and articulated content.

The Talking Tom & Friends universe today includes over 20 mobile games with continuously growing record numbers, a massive presence in all countries of the world, more than 16 billion downloads and up to 430 million active users every month.

Outfit7 has also developed a wide range of original video content for the whole family. The Animated Talking Tom & Friends series, with 156 episodes for 5 minutes, was the ninth content more requested in the world in 2020, according to Tubefilter. Talking Tom and Friends YouTube channels have reached over 77 million subscribers and more than 80 billion views. Talking Tom and Friends characters are also very popular on social media with over 30 million followers.

Even in Italy the numbers are excellent: the animated series is transmitted on TV on K2, channel 44 DTT, with excellent audience data and is available on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Kidodle TV. Tom & Friends Italian YouTube channels record more than 416 million views and the games have exceeded 121 million downloads.

Licensing developments
The launch of GameBud Talking Tom is part of a wide and ambitious global licensing and merchandising program, which already includes more than 3,000 products launched and 8 theme parks.

To grasp the synergies potentially offered by the vast global community of Talking Tom & Friends fans, Outfit7 also makes available to partners different visibility and promotion options within the games and videos developed for the I.P. Partners can make use of customized advertising positions, co-branding opportunities and in-game integrations.

That’s an innovative approach that aims to offer 360 degrees brand experiences to increase proximity to the brand and fans satisfaction.

The brand new episodes of Mini Pet Pals have arrived on Rai Yoyo

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The brand new episodes of Mini Pet Pals have arrived on Rai Yoyo

From October 18th is on Rai Yoyo the 4th season of the animated preschool series Mini Pet Pals, co-produced by Gruppo Alcuni and Rai Fiction, with 52 new episodes of 5 minutes, broadcast every day, from Monday to Sunday at 7:00 and on Saturday and Sunday also at 17:20, furthermore available on Rai Play streaming platform .

In the episodes of the new season, entitled Mini Pet Pals at School, the little friends live their first experiences at school, where the game is the tool to learn knowing themselves and the world around them. Knowledge takes place through the experience of doing: reciting, learning to play in groups, visiting cities and museums, playing with mathematics, and so on. The school is also an opportunity to meet new companions like Cangiante the chameleon, who is very good to hide, Ciccio the porcupine quite bully, the otter Gelsomina, who has a crash on Cilindro, Cocò the vain fox, Nicola the woodpecker, passionate about video games, and Federico the earthworm, who discovers that he can sing.

Moreover there are the teachers, who welcome and drive Mini pet Pals and their companions, helping them in learning. Among them are: Ester, the school’s director,  Valeria the bear, who teaches theater in a creative way, Giovanni the owl, master of drawing, Laura the lynx, teacher of gymnastics, Sebastiano the flamingo, professor of music, Celeste the stork , the animator teaching to use objects creatively, Carletto the raccoon, eclectic teacher capable of stimulating the curiosity and fantasy of the students. To these are added the pacific and reassuring Ludovico the badger, factotum and driver and the Antonio the wildflower, who’s the school’s cook.

The new season of Mini Pet Pals at School is thus enriched by numerous innovative contents, which give new impetus to the property and reinforce the involvement of the small fans.

Great success for Floopaloo Camp

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Great success for Floopaloo Camp

The Floopaloo Camp which was set up at the Melilli shopping park (SR) from 15/09 to 17/10 had a wide participation: over 1,300 children have put themselves to the test  with the adventurous paths and the challenges prepared by Matt and Lisa, the two protagonists of the cartoon.

Inside the dedicated equipped area, the small guests have had fun between slalom, jumps to obstacles, climbing and games.

The Floopaloo camp was also a special occasion to raise the awareness of the youngest about the environmental sustainability through the game: those who participated in the route, have been able to adhere to the Green program of Soluna Events. A format that allows you to create a real forest of the shopping center: through the special card, stamped at each access, children received a code giving them the opportunity to choose where to plant the trees to create the forest. Once the choice is made, children get a certificate, which bears witness to their selection. In addition, the code is also a “seed- card” that can be planted.

With the codes distributed to children who participated in the Floopaloo camp, 100 trees will be planted to create the forest of the shopping park, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

For the coming months other Floopaloo Camps are scheduled and the environmental commitment for creatiing new forests will continue in parallel.

Sfida all’Ultima Battuta: the new book by Pera Toons

2021-10-11T13:12:56+00:00October 8th, 2021|Last articles|

Sfida all’Ultima Battuta: the new book by Pera Toons

On October 4th, has been released the new book by Pera Toons, the web phenomenon who has a huge following on social networks with puns, strokes and animated jokes.

After the success of Ridi che è meglio with 50,000 copies sold, Pera Toons has returned with a book that is not limited to the gags, but proposes a longer history, set on school desks, between bullies and friendships, without sacrificing laughter: 176 pages of humors connected by a compelling story, which tells the epic clash of jokes between PERA and ALFIE, the school’s bully.

Published by Tunué, Sfida all’ultima battuta is available in the bookstore and on the online stores.

2 million fans on social media, the only comic certified by Tik Tok, Pera Toons managed to succesfully transfer the appeal of his humor  even in the “offline” world, paying close attention to preserving the characteristic values ​​of the brand. Books, collaborations and now also products of licensing and merchandising, such as the line of cups, greeting cards and shoppers produced by Biembi, recently arrived in stationery shops, which will soon be integrated with new references.

Let’s celebrate with Pippi the International Day of the Girl

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October 11th is the international day of the girls, a day when the whole world celebrates their rights. On this occasion the Astrid Lindgren Company and Save The Children want to draw attention to the situation of girls fleeing from wars, persecution and poverty, and on their right to be heard.

In the past 76 years Pippi Longstocking inspired children throughout the world to be brave. In 2020 the Astrid Lindgren Company launched, in partnership with Save the Children, the Pippi of Today campaign to support migrant girls, forced to leave their home, city or one’s own country, to rebuild a new life, often sun , with no home, family or friends.

The Pippis of Today have to collect all their courage and hope to face daily challenges and find the way for a brighter future.

Many international partners have joined the campaign to accompany the Pippis of today’s towards a better future. Thanks to the funds collected by the campaign , which seen extensive international adhesion, major support interventions have been implemented, but still much can be done. It is possible to contribute to the campaign by purchasing one of the exclusive Pippi Longstocking products or making a donation on the official website Pippi Of Today

Flopaloo at Belvedere shopping park

2021-10-08T12:34:40+00:00September 28th, 2021|Last articles|

Flopaloo at Belvedere shopping park

From 15 September to 17 October, at the Belvedere shopping park of Melilli, in the province of Syracuse, the Floopaloo camp is active, an equipped area that includes an adventurous path, full of challenges prepared by Matt and Lisa, the small protagonists of the cartoon produced by the French Xilam studio, broadcast every day on Frisbee, DDT channel 44.

The young fans of the king of the forest and friends of him can have fun between Slalom, jumps to obstacles, climbing and games.

The Floopaloo camp is also a special occasion to raise awareness of environmental sustainability through the game. By participating in the path, it is in fact possible to adhere to a green program: with the appropriate card, stamped with each access, children receive a code through which they choose where to plant the trees that will compose a new forest.

The game area with activity is open from 15/09 to 17/10, from Monday to Friday, from 16.00 to 20.30 and Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.30.

The humor of Pera Toons in the stationery shops

2021-10-08T12:32:31+00:00September 28th, 2021|Last articles|

The humor of Pera Toons in the stationery shops

It is available in the best stores of stationery and gadget the newly fun collection of ceramic cups, greeting cards and shoppers, signed by Pera Toons.

Produced by Biembi, a leading Italian company in the field of stationary products and gift items, this is a line of 8 greeting cards, 6 mug and 3 shopping bags, which offers an irresistible selection of puns and humorous jokes created by the popular cartoonist Alessandro Perugini, alias Pera Toons, designed to bring joy and lightness at breakfast, birthday parties and special occasions.

Nefertine has landed in the bookstores

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Nefertine has landed in the bookstores

Inspired by the homonymous pre-school animated series, co-produced by Graphilm, Cyber ​​Group Studios and Waooh!, and brodcast on Rai Yoyo, the mistery adventures of Nefertina arrived in the bookstores, carrying small readers in the fascinating world of ancient Egypt.
These are the first numbers of the new series published by De Agostini, aimed at a “Upper Pre-School” target, dedicated to the brilliant and courageous 8-year-old girl’s, daughter of the Pharaoh’s scribe, who dreams of becoming the first scribe-reporter of history. These are two sticker-album and two story-books, each containing two stories taken from the episodes of the animated series, rich in intriguing adventures set in the ancient and mysterious world of pharaohs, between pyramids, sphinings and crocodiles. The first two volumes of the necklace will follow two other at the beginning of 2022 and the program includes further releases, up to cover the entire production of the TV series.

On the basis of the excellent results of Audience of the animated series, in addition to the first group of 26 episodes in daily programming on Rai Yoyo and available on Rai Play, Rai Yoyo planned, starting from November 1st, the broadcast of 26 additional new episodes, from Monday to Friday, at 7:50 am and at 18:35. The 26 new episodes will also be available on Rai Play and will be added to the previous episodes, which will be re-proposed on the network.

In an interview recently published in Robinson, the Republic Insert dedicated to culture, the director of the series, Maurizio Forestieri, told that the secret of the success of Neferina lies in having put “history pills in the midst of themes like Friendship and adventure “, which are an evergreen in the fiction for the youngsters. “The teaching element”, highlighted Maurizio Forestieri, “is only suggested. They are invented, pleasant stories, who speak of friendship between boys and then, here and there, elements taken from the history of ancient Egypt are entered. As the use of the toothbrush, which already existed: they are historical but functional elements to the fantastic story that is done “.

Cry Babies Magic Tears and Oggy Oggy: the new preschool hits of ETS Licensing

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Cry Babies Magic Tears and Oggy Oggy: the new preschool hits of ETS Licensing

At Milano Licensing Day 2021, ETS announced two important partnership agreements including in its portfolio the new pre-schooling licenses – Cry Babies Magic Tears and Oggy Oggy -.

These are properties with a clear and distinctive positioning, strong brand vales and personalities, consistent investment plans in communication and promotion, both supported by a solid Master Toy.

The Pre-school animated series Cry Babies Magic Tears was launched in 2018 by IMC Toys, a Spanish  company leader in toy industry, at the same time as the launch of the collectible’s homonymous dolls, mini version of the popular cry babies, dolls with real tears and record breaking sales around the world.

The episodes of Cry Babies Magic Tears turn to a primary target of girls from 3 to 6 years and talk about friendship, loyalty and importance of expressing the emotions. The protagonists of the stories are little friends who live in a colorful world surrounded by nature, wearing funny personalized pajamines and live in the company of their pets in bottle-shaped houses.

Each episode condensates in just 3 minutes metaphors of daily life that transfer to children the values ​​of friendship, altruism, mutual support and teamwork, accompanying them in the path of personal and relational growth.

The animated series has landed on Italian TV at the end of 2018 on Frisbee, 44 of the DDT, and has since continuously transmitted from the canal. In addition to Italy, it is present on the main Kids TV channels of Spain, Great Britain, France, Germany and Portugal, and wherever it is placed in the top ten of the most viewd content.

It has 4 seasons, for a total of over 80 episodes, and the 5th season arriving in 2022.

The episodes of the series are also available on Amazon Prime, and on the dedicated Youtube channel – Kitoons-, which was opened by IMC Toys in 2019 and today is available in 19 languages ​​with more than 6.4 million subscribers and 4 Billions of views. The numbers for Italy are also important, where the Kitoons channel has 281 thousand subscribers, more than 200 million views, over 15.5 million hours of visualization and 2.4 million unique users.

The series is also very popular on social networks with more than 54 thousand followers on Instagram, 135 thousand followers on Tiktok and a dedicated app, which achieved nearly 4 million downloads in less than a year.

In support of Property there is a very rich marketing plan, which sees large and continuous growth investments and is articulated at 360 °.

Another important new entry in ETS portfolio is Oggy Oggy, the new preschool spin-off of Xilam’s franchise Oggy and the Cockroaches.

The series sees as the protagonist a very young Oggy, tender, curious and daring, always eager to live new experiences and help a friend in difficulty. At first sight he appears clumsy and naive, but the indomitable tenacity and the wonderful ingenuity allow him to solve every situation.

The new series, which includes 2 seasons with a total of 156 episodes for 7 minutes, debuted in August on Netflix, and in 2022 will arrive on free to air Television channels, including Frisbee in Italy, France-TV in France, Milk Shake! In Great Britain and Super RTL in Germany.

Simba Toys is the Master Toy License, which will manage an important launch plan starting from autumn 2022. To support the new I.P. There are also significant marketing and communication investments, both in digital and traditional area.

My Talking Angela 2 now tops mobile gaming charts around the world

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My Talking Angela 2 now tops mobile gaming charts around the world

My Talking Angela 2, the new mobile game launched globally by OutFit7 on July 15, after a single week is already at 1st place in the United States and Russia as more downloaded game for iPhone and is climbing the charts everywhere in the world. It also made it into the Top 10 Games charts of more than 70 countries on Google Play and more than 100 countries on the App Store.

Outfit7 announced that My Talking Angela 2, , the newest addition to the Talking Tom & Friends gaming universe , has achieved 11 million downloads just one week after global release, with over 259 views on all channels, more than 67 million views on the Talking Angela channel alone and more than 254 million views for the contents published by fans. Italy’s data is also exceptional, where in a week My Talking Angela 2 has obtained more than 1.2 million views.

Praising its “supercharged level of interaction and customisation features”, critics say “the game brings the popular character of Talking Angela to life like never before.”With “even more things to do, better graphics, and a better overall experience”, My Talking Angela 2 now tops mobile gaming charts around the world.

My Talking Angela 2 brings the gaming experience at a higher level, which allows fans to experience a unique mix of caring and play activities. They can explore the city together with Angela, dancing, cooking, making music with her, and much more. And with the numerous advanced customization options, they can try for Angela all the looks they want, with endless combinations of clothes, accessories, hairstyles and make up.

“It’s been amazing to see how many people around the world have jumped at the chance to be best friends with Angela in the new game,” said Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7. “Our team at Outfit7 worked hard – and all while working at home during lockdown – to create a modern, exciting virtual friend experience. I’m so proud of the team, and everything we’ve achieved with My Talking Angela 2.”

To start the friendship adventure with Angela you can download the brand new game on Google Play, Apple App Store, Huawei AppGallery, Amazon AppStore and other platforms.

To learn more about the new game also read the interview with Monica Simek, Senior Product Marketing Strategist at Outfit7.

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