Teo Jasmin

Teo the bulldog is a good luck charm even if he was unware of it at first. Appearing a few years ago in the collections from TEO JASMIN, pioneer and leader in the digital printing for interior design field, the pup quickly makes a splash, becomes a bestseller and wins the hearts of the brands fans to become an official mascot. Teo is a little English bulldog, a curious and trendy daredevil. His costumes reveal the adventures he has lived. It is indeed Teo s strength, to trigger affection, identification and nostalgia. Affection by appealing to the younger public, melting hearts with his adorable look and captivating the imagination with his exploits. Identification with active youths responding to his codes and cultural references. And nostalgia from all of us who inevitably share a memory in commom with Teo. From each discovery Teo makes out a learning experience he is eager to share with his friends.