From one of the most downloaded apps arrives the "POU Invasion", a extraordinary creature to feed, clean, look to grow, and to play with and be surprised.
Thanks to these attentions, POU will grow and, above all, the app will reward the user, providing some objects like hats, cloche or background for the little pet.
POU in fact can be personalized in several ways like POU Panda, POU witch, Mr&Mrs POU.
The game lets you communicate with the other players. In other terms, through Internet, it is possible to visit Pou of friends and receive prizes.

Created by Paul Salame and downloaded more than 300 milion times, it iso ne of the most successful apps on Google Play. In 2014 it has been the second most downloaded videogame for Iphone/Ipad ( source Corriere della Sera).
In 2015 it expects to launch the application in 3D.