Kimmidoll Collection

KimmidollTM is a collection of Japanese dolls inspired by the traditional kokeshi dolls that Japanese women used to give in special occasions.
Every doll has a specific meaning that represent a feeling or a wish with a positioning that reflect life's true values.
The dolls are 80 and their colors, decorations and background are changed two times a year.
The main target is women up to 16 years old.

After the success of the line KimmidollTM it has been created a version dedicated to little girls, KimmidollTM Junior, with a design of the dolls with forms and colors more suitable for their taste.
KimmidollTM Love is a brand with a teenager target, girls, between 10-17 years old, with deep differences.
The aesthetic sophistication , in fact, moves to the values of the international urban culture, directing to younger and less younger customers.