Project Description

Glammys School of Fashion

Talent, creativity and a strong desire to fulfill a big dream: become the future stars of the fashion industry. That is what connects Rebecca, Ambra, Carmen, Key and Aina, five unique characters coming from different countries who meet at the popular Glammys School of Fashion and become great friends. The road to the Fashion Game, the school's final exam, is not easy, especially if you meet talented rivals and demanding teachers while you have to cope with love crushes or problematic family relationships. No worrries, though: commitment and teamwork are always rewarded. Work hard, be creative and have fun! Welcome to Glammys School of Fashion, where creativity and friendship mix with comedy and humour to entertain 6 to 9 year old contemporary girls.

Piero Piacentini
Creator and Producer

Simona Fabbri
International Coproductions and Partnerships