Pera Toons new book launches in November

Available from November 5th in bookstores and on Amazon, Pera Toons new game book Ridi che è meglio!, published by Tunué, combines the fun of 130 jokes, based on word games and misunderstandings, with that of crossroads stories.

The readers thus become the real protagonists: at the end of each page they can decide the next action to be taken and the page to land on. They will be able to read the book page after page, or choose to face the various tests by moving freely across the different pages in a non-sequential way. The volume is completed by a series of stories in which Pera Toons tells himself to his readers.

Conceived by cartoonist Pera Toons, aka Alessandro Perugini, the original format of puns, born on social media together with the investigative mini-enigmas Who killed Kenny?, Has reached a huge following in a very short time, leading to the birth of a community of fans of comics, puns and puzzles with over 2 million growing followers and more than 10 million views per week.

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