Delicious news from Chefclub

Chefclub, the "eat-ertainment brand", founded in Paris in 2016 and rapidly growing around the world through the production and distribution of original cooking videos published on social media, is about to launch a line of fun and innovative products for the D2C channel (Direct to Consumer). In response to the strong engagement and love for the brand, Chefclub has decided to please even further its community by launching a line of fun and innovative products on D2C (Direct to Consumer) at the end of the year in France.Ready to face cold winter time, Chefclub will launch in France the “Raclette King” pack in December sold exclusively on its e-shop. This pack contains a Raclette device to cook the famous melted cheese meal along with a fun and convivial card game for greedy and playful diners.


In response to the tremendous and growing interest in kids and family cooking, we have developed a full line of Chefclub Kids, kid-friendly products to be released in Q4-20 in France, including 3D Safari cookie cutters, Enchanted and Magic cookie cutters, Chefclub Kids measuring cups, Chefclub Kids utensils, and Chefclub Kids books with recipes from all over the world and for events all year round. Families will have fun in the kitchen!Chefclub Kids line will empower kids in the kitchen giving them autonomy and will offer an immersive experience through inspirational cooking videos.


A 21-episode 5-minute series of Checlub Kids has been sold to Pay TV Teletoon + in France and is now available for international distribution. The program will be launched in France from October 12, 2020. The mouth-watering cooking videos will capture the attention of children and turn cooking into an adventure for the family, and children will seize the opportunity to become the new home chefs! In Chefclub Kids, Have Fun in the Kitchen series, the children will discover a wide variety of healthy and surprising recipes that have been created especially for them to trigger their creativity. The Pirates, Fairy Tales, Wildlife Animals or Halloween Monsters will come to life through exciting cooking videos. Chefclub Kids mission is to make eating well easy and allow for quality time while making home-cooked meals that everyone can enjoy.