Pera Games and Pera Toons in ETS portfolio

ETS has signed an agreement with Tunué, publishing house of Il Castoro Publishing Group, for managing the licensing rights of Pera Games and Pera Toons, the new formats of enigmas and puns that are becoming very popular on social networks.

At the center of Pera Games world there's - Who Killed Kenny? - the comic-game created by cartoonist Alessandro Perugini, aka Pera, which proposes mono-vignette mini-enigmas where the protagonist Kenny is always the victim of a murder, while the suspects change from time to time. Inspired by the legendary Kenny McCormick of the animated series South Park, the protagonist of Pera enigmas is also killed every time, but being a fiction of the scene always returns to be the victim of new and dark crimes.

The original investigative format has appeared first of all on the author's social profiles, from the Instagram pages @pera_games and @pera_toons, to the Pera Toons YouTube channel, up to Facebook and the pera_toons page of TikTok, obtaining a huge following in a very short time, which has led to the creation of a community of fans of comics, puns and enigmas with over 2 million followers in continuous growth and more than 10 million views per week. Thanks to its enormous popularity on social media, the comic-game was also successfully offered in print: Tunué published the first book in 2018 - Who killed Kenny? -, reprinted after only 2 weeks and entered the Amazon ranking of top sellers, which was followed in 2019 by a second publication - Who killed Kenny? Kenny's Throne - which replicated the excellent results of the debut, increasing the popularity of the character, and launching an ambitious editorial plan. Featuring an essential graphic sign and flat colors, the comic-game Who Killed Kenny? proposes intriguing riddles that stimulate logical reasoning skills and lateral thinking and are aimed at a transversal audience made up of children, adults and families who love puzzles, detective stories and comics.

The license agreement also includes Pera Toons, comic jokes and puns, available both in animated version and as classic comics, always characterized by a simple and minimal graphic line.