Talking Tom receives the third You Tube Diamond Creator Award and celebrates an important anniversary

This summer OutFit7 Limited celebrates 10 years since the launch of the first Talking Tom game, with a fun initiative dedicated to fans, and for the third time it obtains the prestigious Diamond Creator Award assigned to You Tube channels that reach 10 million subscribers.
The cute talking cat debuted with its first game in July 2010, becoming a phenomenon already on the day of the launch. After 10 years and 13 billion downloads for its apps, Outfit7 invites Talking Tom fans to participate, from 20th to 30th July, in the special POK-A-TOM event to celebrate the important milestone together. This is the challenge: send Tom 10 billion poke in 10 days. The tenth anniversary event connects to four of Tom's most popular games: Talking Tom Cat, My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2 and My Talking Tom Friends. During the celebration, the pokes will be displayed on a digital "POK-A-METER" on the Outfit7 website. At the end of the challenge, players who have reached 10 billion pokes will receive a generous in-game currency pack.
There are many innovations developed in the last 10 years for the popular cat, including 23 games for mobile devices, digital video content with over 56 billion views and even the project for a movie. Among the many records achieved, it should be noted that the original Talking Tom Cat game has been called "one of the most downloaded Android games of all time".

But the important achievements don't end there. You Tube channel Talking Angela has obtained the Diamond Creator Award, the coveted recognition assigned to You Tube channels that reach the impressive milestone of 10 million subscribers. This is the third You Tube channel of Outfit7 to obtain the prestigious award. It joins Talking Tom You Tube channel, which was the first to be awarded the Diamond Creator Award, and is constantly positioned among the 50 most viewed You Tube channels in the world. The second You Tube channel of Outfit7 with a Diamond Award is Talking Tom and Friends, which hosts the popular animated series of the property. The series is currently the ninth most requested family online show worldwide, with demand more than 7 times higher than the average in the same category. Outfit7's You Tube channels record a total of over 35 billion views and over 61 million subscribers. And success shows no signs of slowing down. In July 2020 OutFit7 in fact achieved over 67 million views on its channels in just one day, another exceptional result for the brand.

This month the property celebrates another incredible result. The revolutionary new game My Talking Tom Friends has risen to the top of the charts for Android and iOS all over the world just a few days after its release and has recorded over 90 million downloads so far. Huge success also for its four trailers with over 70 million views in a single month.

This year Outfit7 takes part for the first time at Milano Licensing Day with a pitch at 2.50 pm entitled: "Talking Tom and Friends: on the Cutting Edge of Digital to Physical".

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