DeaJunior will celebrate Pippi with a special TV marathon

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first TV series broadcast on Rai and the 75th anniversary of the book's release, on 5th and 6th September the TV channel DeaJunior (Sky, 623) has scheduled a two-day marathon with all 21 episodes of the series.
During the celebration, DeaJunior will also organize a special online event with the presence of Inger Nilsson, the lead actress of the series, who will be available to the press for a day of interviews.
Dea Kids is also one of the sponsors of Doxa Junior 2019 multiclient research where emerged that Pippi Longstocking has an incredibly high level of knowledge among the Italian public, equal to 90%, on the target Kids 5 - 13 years, with similar values between males (89%) and females (92%).
As for the liking of the character, the highest figure is recorded on the target Girls 8 - 9 years. Regarding the audience profile, Pippi reaches a predominantly female target, with a good presence of co-viewing of 35-44 year old parents.
Sources: Doxa Junior 2019; DeAgostini Editore elaborations on Auditel / AGB data.