Sara e Marti, la #nostrastoria

Sara e Marti (40 eps x 22') is a TV series of Stand By Me produced in collaboration with The Walt Disney Italia, which tells the story of two sisters catapulted from London to Bevagna, in the heart of Italy, where they will rediscover their roots and they will find unexpected and surprising experiences waiting for them in a new school, with new friends and new loves. A story 'for' the kids (target 7-14 years) and ‘made by’ kids who had positive replies from the first airings on Disney Channel and then on Rai Gulp, as well as the activation of important licensing partnerships such as Mondadori Electa that has published a novel written by the author of the series, Simona Ercolani; Walcor that will launch the 2019 Easter egg; and Giunti. The live action was also shot as 'constructed reality', ie the protagonists are not professional actors, but 'normal' teens who act on the basis of a plot outline. The film was released on March 2019 for the distribution of Buena Vista, from which Centauria took inspiration for a magazine.