Lucky Luke and The Daltons

Helped by his faithful horse Jolly Jumper and hindered by Rantaplan, the stupidest dog in the universe, Lucky Luke's duty of getting people out of trouble is full of laughs and adventures. The famous "poor lonesome cowboy" rides all over the Wild West to fight crime and injustice, and especially to stop and imprison the villainous Dalton brothers, always on the loose. Lucky Luke is an evergreen brand, with a very high awareness, with more than 100 comic books created since 1946, translated into 18 languages and sold in 100 countries, in more than 300 million copies. A constantly evolving content, from which have been released movies and series but animated and live action, and it also saw the creation of an animated TV series spin-off on The Daltons (195 eps x 7 ’), broadcasted on K2 and Boomerang. The franchise has also around 50 licensees around the world.