Discovery Italia

ETS is the primary partner for the development and management of free to air channel brands and of the most loved and popular non-kids target programs of Discovery Italia. The partnership covers the licensing rights of the Real Time, Food Network, DMAX and Nove channels, managed as properties given their peculiarity for target and content positioning. In addition, ETS also manages some of the network's flagship programs such as Bake Off Italia, Camionisti in Trattoria, Il Salone delle Meraviglie and Food Advisor.

FOOD NETWORK, together there is more taste: entertainment channel entirely dedicated to the world of food, whose mission is to share the passion and joy of being together at the table. Following the entry into the Discovery world, the channel has increased its ratings also thanks to greater territoriality: Food advisor, Fatto in casa per voi, L’Italia a morsi and many other “Made in Italy” programs.

NOVE, unique in your genre: generalist and contemporary, with a program schedula made up of great prime time, original productions, authoritative and recognizable faces, game shows, satire, reportages and unique events. Innovative in content and language, NOVE represents a new way of conceiving entertainment. It is aimed at a curious and connected adult public - made up of men and women - in search of an intelligent and rich, stimulating and fun offer.

REAL TIME, as extraordinary as reality: designed for a target women / family who are looking for an engaging and quality storytelling, light and accessible entertainment but also many practical useful tips. Among the flagship programs there are: BAKE OFF Italia (the talent record for listeners reserved for amateur pastry chefs of all ages, now in its seventh edition), Cake Star, Primo appuntamento, Il Salone delle Meraviglie

DMAX, watch it, live it: the first factual entertainment and news channel dedicated to the male audience on free digital terrestrial in Italy. Loved also by women, the channel offers a wide range of content for those who want to see the world from another perspective and in its most engaging aspects and it tells true stories that push the viewer to experience them in person. Dmax captures the viewer with an innovative and original language, tells the contemporary world through stories of real people in extraordinary situations, thanks to international shows and local productions.